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Book Writing Crew will be your most valuable investment for all aspiring authors in building a digital platform for your work and generating massive profits.

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When combined with analytics and metrics, book marketing can give aspiring authors wealth of potential returns. Our intelligent data-driven approach delivers effective marketing techniques, tools, and resources that enable self-publishing authors to succeed once their books are launched without wasting time or money on ineffective tactics.


Personal Marketing Assistants:

We will provide personal marketing assistants who help promote, manage and run promotional campaigns for your book launch through various online and offline channels. They will also provide you with a customized marketing guide that specifically fits your needs!


Social Media Set-Up:

Over the years, social media has become one of the most important and effective marketing tools. To keep your upcoming book in the spotlight ahead of time, our team of professional social media experts will manage your social media profiles with great precision and creativity. At the same time, the schedule will be followed timely by them; you will also receive a personalized social media plan to market your book across multiple channels.


Creative and Appealing Bookmarks:

Our bookmarks are eye-catching and will help your book stand out. Our experts can customize them in various sizes, shapes, and colors.


Digital Postcards:

We will design creative postcards using your cover art, interior graphics, or pictures. They can be utilized for press events, book fairs, and book launching ceremonies, among other things, to entice your readers and leave a lasting impression on them.


Business Cards:

Our book marketing business card is one of the most efficient marketing tools. A high-definition customizable quality card with your name and contact information engraved on it is not only professional but also engages and attracts your readers.


Small and Attractive Posters:

Our sleek and appealing posters can be an effective tool for promoting your book. They are coordinated with other marketing materials and could be used to captivate and entice your audience at launch and signing events.


Book Video Trailers:

We will assist you in bringing your story to life by utilizing the power of multimedia to provide your audience with a little intriguing insight into what your work is about. An informative and captivating book video trailer can help you distinguish yourself from the masses of authors and keep the reader engaged before the release.


Press Release:

Following the publication of your book, the most honest and compelling approach to contact the media is through press releases. Our well-written and great press release will assist your book in obtaining publicity, spreading awareness, and boosting the visibility of your work.


Marketing on Social Media Platforms:

When you consider where most individuals obtain their information, you'll notice that it's mostly through social media. Having a social media presence is essential for selling your self-published book. We will produce content for various social networks using effective methods and technology to assist in publicizing your work and grabbing your audience digitally.


Marketing Consultation:

Our highly qualified marketing experts will create a marketing plan tailored to each author's goals, budget, marketing objectives, and competitors' work. Customized marketing techniques will create new opportunities to sell your products and help your book thrive with a receptive audience.


Amazon Kindle:

The job of a publishing house does not finish after a book is released. Our marketing expert can assist promote your book to prospective readers via Amazon's outreach, allowing you to reach a larger audience and create more revenue.


Apple Books:

We collaborate with authors and small presses to prepare and convert physical copies of your work into digital versions, which we then distribute to all major e-book stores. Your book will be linked to the Apple Books Network from your website and social media sites.


Barnes and Noble Nook Edition:

Building a relationship with your readers and fans takes time and trust. Your email list is where you can foster your audience so that when you're ready to publish your next book, you'll have people eager to read it. A well-organized author email marketing campaign, has been shown to improve book sales and is one of the most efficient ways to launch a best-selling book.


Audio Book:

Audiobooks are engaging, educational, informative, amusing, and ideal for people with limited time. The audiobook market is rapidly developing, and we can assist you in capitalizing on it. We will provide affordable and hassle-free audiobook production services and advertise them alongside your physical copies to enhance your revenue.


Author Website:

Authors must establish an online reputation and develop a connection with their readers; this is the most crucial aspect of a book's promotional strategy. We will design a mobile-friendly, professional-looking website for you that will impress potential clients and can even boost your potential and create relationships with larger companies.


Article Writing:

Our skilled and well-trained professionals will produce articles for online publishing that will serve as a useful tool by giving relevant and timely information to your target audience. They can also assist you in ranking better in search engines and driving more traffic to your book's website or blog.

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Our experts will provide a simple report on your manuscript. They will objectively evaluate your use of key narrative devices such as dialogue, structure, style, pace, plot, and characterization.

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Editing, Formatting & Proofreading

Our expert will assist you in ensuring publication success by resolving language issues, adjusting formatting and references, and correcting typing and other errors in your book manuscript.

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Cover design

Our book cover designers will use your recommendations and expertise to create stunning and professional covers that you'll be proud to showcase.

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Book Publishing

Our trusted professional will help you reach out to people who will most likely love your project and prepare your book for a massive launch. Final touches and additional marketing strategies are required at this point!

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Collecting Royalties

Our team will work hard to promote your work and constantly monitor your progress. Your distributor and retailer accounts will be set up in your name. This implies you will be the sole owner of your intellectual property, rights, and royalties.

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